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Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does American Mobility make house calls?

We understand how difficult it can be for most people to bring their equipment to us. We will go straight to your home or wherever your equipment is. Our service call rate is only $95 in town, plus labor and any parts needed. This includes return trips if necessary. Out of town rates may apply.

2. Does American Mobility offer free in-home demos?
If you are interested in purchasing a power wheelchair or scooter but want to make sure that it will work in your home, American Mobility will bring up to two different models to your home to try out. We have many models to choose from, so please visit us in our showroom for the biggest selection of in-stock options.
3. Does American Mobility work with my insurance?

We strive to be timely and focus on high quality repairs. However, American Mobility does not bill most insurances. We do, however, bill MDA, the VA (for Veterans), and some workman’s comp. Big insurance contracts can take away from timely repairs. Our customers come to us because we provide great quality service and very timely turnarounds.

4. Does American Mobility sell or install lifts for vehicles?

We love to refer a local company, A.D.E., here in town for lift installations. They specialize in vehicle adaptation and can take care of whatever modifications might be needed to install a lift on your vehicle, including installing a hitch.

A.D.E. can be reached at:
(520) 571-7156
3621 S Palo Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85713

They are on Palo Verde Rd, just north of Ajo on the east side of the street

5. Does American Mobility sell or install ramps?

American Mobility does SELL ramps for the home or vehicle, including folding ramps, but we do not install. Please be sure whoever installs your ramp is following the ADA recommended guidelines for ramp safety.

6. Where can I donate a piece of equipment no longer needed?

Many people have unneeded equipment that they do know what to do with. There are several organizations that will take this equipment and provide it to people who can use it. You may also be able to use this donation as a tax write-off.

Southern Arizona Adaptive Sports
P.O. Box 43062
Tucson, AZ. 85733
Mia Hansen 520-370-0588

7. Do you sell batteries?

At American Mobility we sell batteries from MK. All of MK’s batteries come with a 1 year warranty. There are a few different sizes of batteries used for scooters and power wheelchairs. The batteries that should be used for this type of equipment are sealed gel cell or AGM batteries. They do not require maintenance and are FAA approved, so that you may transport them should you be traveling by air.

8. The brake cable on my walker broke. What do I do?
We stock Nova brake cables at all times. Four-wheeled walkers generally require maintenance from time to time and brake cables often brake after a while. We are happy to accept walk-ins for this service. Drop off your walker, and we will have your brake cable repaired in a timely manner.
9. My scooter or power wheelchair is having problems, is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this myself?

There are several things that may cause a scooter or power wheelchair not to run. First of all, do you have power to your joystick or dash? If not, check to ensure that the batteries have not come unplugged from the chair. If this is not the problem, check the circuit breaker. If it is popped out push it in and call us right away so that we can make sure that it is safe (if the circuit breaker continues to pop, do not keep pushing it back in). Call us right away.

If your scooter or power wheelchair does have power at the joystick or dash check to ensure that the equipment hasn’t been set into “free wheel mode”. This is a setting on just about every scooter or power wheelchair that allows you to disengage the brake, essentially putting it into “neutral”, in order for you to able to push it when necessary. It will not drive when in this mode. Scooters usually have a lever near one of the rear tires and power wheelchairs usually either have a lever attached to each motor or have levers on the front of the power wheelchair that can be pushed up or down. Some power wheelchairs have one single lever on the back of the chair.

If this is not the problem, check to ensure that the scooter or power wheelchair is not charging. Most equipment becomes inhibited while charging.

If this still does not fix the problem check to see if the joystick or dash is flashing or beeping in a peculiar way. This usually indicates what type of problem the scooter or power wheelchair is having.

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